Thursday, September 02, 2004

1 out of 1 doctor recommends NanoBot

Dear Mr. Lovy,

As a long-time reader, I'd like to thank you for a consistently interesting (and often entertaining) blog.

I am a senior editor at The Scientist magazine, a news journal for life scientists. I thought you might be interested in a package of stories we ran in our August 30 issue on nanobiotech. First, we have an opinion from author Jack Uldrich (author of "The Next Big Thing is Really Small"), about the need for more public awareness on nanotech. Next, there's a feature on life science and biomedical applications of nanotechnology. Capping off the series is a piece, written by Vicki Colvin of Rice University, detailing nanotech safety concerns.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Best regards,
Jeffrey M. Perkel PhD
Senior Editor
The Scientist


Sure, I'll take a look them. Thanks. Also, thank you for saying nice things about the blog. Do you mind if I post the "consistently interesting and often entertaining" portion of your note, just to let my readers know that people who actually follow science for a living are getting something out of my blog? (Of course, I understand if you would rather not lose the respect of your peers through public admission that you read a blog).


Dear Howard,

Thanks for your note. No, I don't mind if you post my comment. As for my peers, doesn't everyone read blogs these days?

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