Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Thanks for the nanomemories, Intel

I see from my stats that I've been getting quite a few hits from Intel the past couple of days. It's from a link that I can't access. Must be an internal newsletter. I'm guessing it's a reaction to this post.

Since I don't have access to the Intel reference to my little blog, here are a couple of guesses from my own personal Intel Inside:

    Attention Intel employees. Take a look at what these so-called "bloggers" are up to now. This jerk thinks he knows something about our business. Please identify all PCs associated with this Howard Lovy character and force a crash at inconvenient times. He uses a Mac at home, though. He's out of our reach there.

Or ...

    Attention Intel employees. My God, how does this "blogger" do it? Why, he's right on target with every single sentence and witticism. I'm going to make Howard Lovy's NanoBot required reading for every Intel employee. I want full reports on my desk every week, parsing every single golden word.

Now that I have your attention, though. Anybody at Intel want to tell me what you plan to do with Nanosys? Use them and then dump them like a bad nanomemory? Turn them into Intel's "nano inside" as the company's nonvolatile memory unit? Yeah, I know. You won't tell me. thought I'd try, anyway.

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