Friday, May 14, 2004

Investing in NanoFutures

futurelabKids all over the country are using nanotechnology to "save the life" of a virtual patient.

Welcome to the NanoFuture, in which microscopic medical devices are used to repair nerve cells in the body, according to this report.

    This was all part of "FutureLab, a "traveling time machine" that has landed in Aberdeen this week.

    FutureLab was created by James Canton and the Institute for Global Futures, a San-Francisco-based "think tank," in conjunction with iHigh Inc., creators of America's largest high school Internet network, according to an release.

    The "lab" travels all over the country. ... FutureLab is designed to show kids and teens what's in store for the future of science and how it will affect their lives. More here

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