Friday, May 07, 2004

Nerd American Idol

From: Howard Lovy
Subject: Skin Science
They link to our review of L'Oreal's nanostuff, making Jennifer's suffering for science worth it!

FossFrom: Jennifer Foss
Subject: RE: Skin Science
This is my nerd dream come true. I wonder if I'm going to get recognized in the grocery store now!

From: Howard Lovy
RE: Skin Science
Want me to make you an even bigger nerd star and blog this item?

From: Jennifer Foss
Subject: RE: Skin Science
Oh my gosh ... It's like the American Idol of the Nanotech world! Sure, I don't have a problem with my newfound fame in the scientific community.

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Update: Roland Piquepaille writes about a company that literally gets under your skin. STMicroelectronics' SkinChip.

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