Thursday, February 05, 2004

What up with BBC doc?

Small Times London Correspondent Ben Wootliff  brought this to my attention. The BBC is airing the above documentary tonight.

The picture is of theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, but the headline highlights Hendrik Schon, a former Bell Labs researcher who was disgraced in 2002 for allegedly manipulating and misrepresenting data.

Small Times Correspondent Jack Mason reported in Sept. 2002 that some of his work might yet prove to be groundbreaking in areas such as molecular electronics.

I'm not sure what the Beeb doc will focus on, but maybe one of my British readers can watch it and let me know?

UPDATE: Richard Jones and Sheila Nicholas have answered my transatlantic SOS and supplied some great commentary here. Thanks!

ANOTHER UPDATE: BBC has posted a transcript of the program here, and a "What are Nanobots?" breakout box here.

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