Wednesday, February 18, 2004

News in a NanoSecond

  • Thank you again, Glenn Reynolds:

      So if I were starting out from scratch, with the goal of having maximum blog-impact, I think I'd give that subject [warblogs] a pass. Instead, I'd look around to see what's going on that's potentially very interesting, but that isn't getting enough attention.

      That can be a subject-matter area (Howard Lovy's Nanobot blog on nanotechnology is a good example), or it can be a geographic area (just look at all the attention that Iraqi bloggers have gotten, by virtue of being close to the action).

  • More on the new "Century City" series:

      In the Century City world you can be accused of robbery for "stealing back" their personalities and nanotechnology has led to the crime of virtual rape.
  • Congratulations to Shawn Anthony, a Northwestern University undergrad in the Stupp research group who made the All-USA College Academic Third Team. Shawn is a biomedical engineering major with a GPA of 3.87 who is using nanotechnology to develop biomaterials that mimic natural bone.
  • European journalists will want to check out this event (registered journalists only) in Brussels: "Nanotechnology - fear or fiction? Explaining the science - identifying the issues"

      "A hearing at the European Parliament (EP), Brussels, organised by the EPP-ED Group(European People's Party (Christian Democrats)and European Democrats in the European Parliament), in association with the Institute of Physics.

      "The hearing aims to: Discuss what nanotechnology is really about using examples from research in electronics, materials and biology Look at perceived risk areas and separate those that might be happening now from those which are, at present, science fiction Examine ways to widen discussion about the application of nanotechnology in society."


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