Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Money for Nano, Clicks for Fee

I've sold my first ad through blogads. As you can see at left, somebody at Scientific American believes this blog is an actual, respectable publication (I won't say anything if you won't). So, if you were thinking of subscribing to SciAm, anyway, click on the ad and help support your friendly neighborhood NanoBot!

The same goes for the Amazon ads at right. I hope they don't distract too much from the content of this blog, but if you see anything of interest, please click the Amazon links on this site on your way to the virtual checkout aisle. I try to make the products fit the content of individual blog posts – sometimes just for my own amusement.

And your generous donations via my Amazon Honor System and PayPal links are always welcome.

By the way, all proceeds from ad sales go directly toward costs associated with an important, cutting-edge nanoscience experiment.

This concludes this commercial announcement.


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