Sunday, September 28, 2003

'When Pants Attack'

pantsattackMy 12-year-old link to the nano-generation demanded yesterday that I turn on Nickelodeon and catch an episode of "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius" called "When Pants Attack."

"There's nano in this episode!"

She was right. In another confluence of fashion fiction and reality, our high-IQ hero decides that picking up and folding his pants is really a waste of time, so he designs "self-folding smart pants" by embedding them with something vaguely called "nanochips" -- yes, "nano" is simply another synonym for anything high-tech.

The pants, of course, have minds of their own and set out to enslave mankind in a self-organizing way ("I'd better stop my pants before they recruit more pants and take over the world") and wacky hijinks ensue, along with a half-hour of pants puns that put even my best (or worst) headlines to shame.

Among the best lines:

Jimmy: "I sense a disturbance in my pants, Ma'am."

Carl: "Hey, Jimmy, can I play with my pants?"
Jimmy: "No, your pants look playful now, but deep down in their pockets,
they are pure evil."

Jimmy (aiming weapon): "Cindy's pants are goin' down"

Cindy: "I've had dreams and plans for my future, and they don't involve living in a land ruled by pants."


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