Monday, September 08, 2003

Nanowax Poetic


If you're simultaneously a nanogeek and a sportsman, you can have fun with e-cards and spread nanonews to the skiier in your life at this site. Just hit the "fun" button. The e-card promotes Cerax Nanowax from Holmenkol Sport-Technologies, a joint venture between German chemicals concern LOBA and Nanogate Technologies.

The high-performance, long-lasting ski wax. is a composite nanocoating, made mostly of alcohol and sand. It's called a “self-organizing structure” because it contains both adhesive and anti-adhesive properties that organize themselves within the material. The adhesive particles naturally move toward the surface on which the coating must stick, while the anti-adhesive nanoparticles move toward the air – preventing dirt and grease from attaching themselves to the ultra-thin protective film.

Nanoparticles with binding qualities keep the outside and inside layers of film together, much like the white part of an Oreo keeps the cookie together. The end result creates a surface that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic – meaning that water and oil slide off, just like water slides off the feathers of a duck.

If you don't care about that, though, just have fun with the little ski guy in the flash movie.


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