Monday, June 26, 2006

Who answers at Yahoo!?

I am still not convinced that Yahoo! Answers has hit on the correct formula for ensuring correct answers. This question is closed to new answers, but you can still vote on the existing six: what is nanotech and their uses in future life?

Technology Review sent me a promo today on an article scheduled to appear tomorrow. Sounds like it will be a worthwhile read, since this is the information our kids will likely use when they dash off assignments on "nanotechnology."

Visitors post questions and volunteers answer them at Yahoo Answers. But how accurate and useful is the service -- and why do volunteers participate? We get answers from some of the website's most-prolific contributors.

Update (6/27/06):
Answers By the People, For the People
One volunteer has spent a lot of time contributing to the social media site Yahoo Answers. Why? (By Wade Roush, Technology Review)

Nanotech an open question at Yahoo! Answers

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