Friday, June 09, 2006

Straight-up info on nanotech regulation


Artech House, publisher of books for high-tech professionals, contacted me about a year ago and asked me to take a look at author Jeffrey H. Matsuura's proposal for a book on nanotechnology regulation. They must have liked my critique and suggestions, because late last year FedEx folders full of Matsuura's raw manuscript began arriving at my doorstep for my critique and input, which I gladly gave.

The end result is Matsuura's Nanotechnology Regulation And Policy Worldwidereleased this month. I have not yet read the final version, but I thought the raw manuscript was thoughtful, thorough and hype-free. This book is a useful resource for anybody who is looking for straight-up information on nanotech regulation -- information that has not been filtered through an interest group trying to sell you an agenda or a media company trying to capture your eyeballs.

This process was anonymous, so if Jeffrey is reading this, he might be surprised to learn that his publisher let me monkey around with his manuscript and he's writing an angry note to Artech House right now. I think everything turned out well, Jeffrey, but why did you ignore my suggested additional chapters on the impact nanotech regulation might have on Madonna's rabbi?

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