Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nanotech an open question at Yahoo! Answers

yahooanswers A student has a nanotechnology report to write, so the eager young nano cadet turned, of course, to Yahoo! Answers (Beta). The following questions are still "open:"

What is Nanotechnology? and ...

How is nanotechnology connected to forensics?

Get your answers in while you can and have your expertise forever enshrined in Yahoo! Not sure what happens after these questions are "closed." I guess we should all find something else to do.

Update: Doing a quick nanotechnology search on Yahoo! Answers, I'm amazed at some of the strange and inaccurate "resolved" information circulating out there. It looks like a lot of kids are using this service to write reports and do their homework. Yahoo! should open these questions up again and give correct information enough time to filter through.

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