Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Standing at the feet of giants

Did you ever get the feeling you're not exactly the most brilliant LED in the display? Nevertheless, here I am at Caltech, attempting to learn from the learned. All the while, I'm on the lookout for the ghost of Feynman mischievously picking the locks, banging his bongos and laughing his ass off at the likes of me.

Update: Sept. 1, 2005 -- And here, gazing at the gates of Caltech, is where I exit NanoBot. It has been the most rewarding, most stimulating, and most emotionally and financially draining two years and two months of my life. And I regret very little of it.

It is best to let the 'Bot remain frozen in its own time -- July 11, 2003 - Sept. 1, 2005. But please continue to use these pages to help spur thought and debate.

I'll leave you with what I wrote on Day One:

    "Like the technological gods that came before it, nanotech is perpetually being assembled, reassembled (and perhaps self-assembled) in our own images."

What it means is that we are lucky to have been born in an era of possibility. We stand at the gates to a new epoch, one that promises new horrors and new wonders. It is not too late. We can create the god or demon of our choice.

What is nanotechnology? Well, what do you want it to be?

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