Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cranky Crichton hasn't a Hollywood 'Prey'er

In a convergence of coincidences that can only be described as quantum kabbalistic, I found myself on a surprise flight to Los Angeles on Friday (more on that later).

Seated next to me on my return trip to Detroit was a person I will only call a "Hollywood insider" (I've always wanted to write that!) I told him I would go to jail rather than reveal him as my source, so you'll have to trust me that this is a true insider who would know the answer to the following question:

Is there or is there not a movie version of Michael Crichton's nano nightmare book "Prey" in production?

The answer is "no."

So, as I've written before (scroll to the end here), everybody in the nano business can just calm down for a while and let's give the "movie version of 'Prey' is coming soon" stuff a rest.

In fact, said my extra-super-double-secret Hollywood insider source, Crichton is quite a cranky character who was not at all pleased with the film treatment of "Timeline."

Even during summer blogging recess, your NanoBot is still working for you. Stay tuned for more news.

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Nanobot is a great piece of work and an excellent place to visit especially for nanotech admirers.


Anonymous said...

You know, if I were constantly attacked on a personal level by all those politically correct morons, I would be a bit cranky myself. So would you.

I wonder if Larry Summers is a little cranky?

At least those two gentlemen are fairly wealthy and accomplished, so they can create a refuge from the imbecilic idiots who're constantly whining at anyone dares step over the line.