Friday, August 26, 2005

Good nano jobs at so-so wages

Speaking of jobs, I've noticed that more nanopeople are in demand in government, business and academia. Here are a few random postings I've found recently:

  • The National Cancer Institute is looking for a Health Scientist Administrator for $74,782 - $114,882 a year. Say what you will about "government waste," but any qualified candidate for this job could probably make a great deal more in the private sector. It's a pretty important job for the nanotech world, since this administrator will be in charge of administering and evaluating grant proposals for "nanotechnology approaches to cancer research." And, as I've noted before, the NCI is looking more and more like a Nano Cancer Institute. Read all about the job here.
  • Turns out, if you're director of the Heart Research Program at the Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases, you can command an annual budget exceeding $1 billion dollars, boss around a staff of 62 and pull in between $103,947 and 135,136 a year. Take THAT, NCI person. But to qualify, you have to be up on all the cutting-edge cures for a bad ticker, including "genomics and proteomics, nanotechnology and bioengineering." Read more here.
  • Ph.D candidates might want to hop a lorry to the University of Sheffield for a full, three-year ride into the land of self-assembled quantum dots. Cool. Sorry, you greedy Americans. Brits only need apply. Jolly well click here.
  • But back in the United States of Texas, Zyvex Corp. needs to rustle up an applications sales engineer for government accounts. This person is going to leave no grant unturned in the quest for revenue at one of the very first nanotech companies ever. Times have changed at Zyvex. At one time, the company did not need to depend so much on tax dollars, thanks to the personal fortune of founder James Von Ehr. Read all about it here.
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