Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Modzelewski: Dynamic and independent

Former NanoBusiness Alliance leader Mark Modzelewski was recently named VP of Strategic Opportunities for NanoDynamics.

Some of you might remember that Mark and I have had a few very public disagreements over the past few years -- each of us playing our respective roles very well, I think. (For background, go here, here and here.) A journalist's job is to question and challenge, and a business representative's job is to defend his interests. From the perspective of time, I think that too many people took these roles too much to heart -- with consequences that reverberate today.

I'm very proud of what I wrote then, and still stand by every word. However, Mark and I have been communicating over the past year or so, and have discussed some issues as two professionals. I asked Keith Blakely, NanoDynamics CEO, to give me some insight into why he chose Mark for this job. Here's what he said:

"As you know, I have spent over a quarter century on the 'business' or 'corporate' side of advanced materials and technologies. My contacts, experience, insights, and skills lie there. Mark, on the other hand, has spent considerable time on the government, financial, and academic side. Both of us, as you know, believe strongly in the power of nanotechnology but have reached that conclusion from entirely different backgrounds and experience. It should come as no surprise then that after bumping into each other at various nanotechnology meetings and functions, we were intrigued by the potential synergy of joining forces.

"Mark is an exceptionally bright, independent thinker and brings NanoDynamics one more way of looking at opportunities and creating high impact with our nanotechnology-enabled products."

I cannot argue with that. Congratulations, Mark. From one independent thinker to another, I wish you well.

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