Monday, January 26, 2004

NanoBusiness vs. Mom's Basement

This wasn't originally intended to have been a point-counterpoint on the nanotech bill, but it just turned out that way. Enjoy.


"While I’m fascinated by the argument over whether self-replicating nanomachines are possible – especially with strong personalities like Drexler and Smalley taking opposing views – the debate is completely beside the point. It’s a distraction from the central question of why this first-ever piece of nanotechnology legislation was conceived, written, altered and sold purely as a business proposition."

Mark Modzelewski, executive director of the NanoBusiness Alliance

"What the bill does not do has been seemingly pondered by bloggers, Drexlerians, pseudo-pundits, panderers and other denizens of their mom’s basements more than its revolutionary benefits. They have developed an elaborate fantasy about how molecular manufacturing research work was pulled from the bill by some devious cabal.

If only it was that exciting. In a nutshell, the bill had many iterations, changes and attempted changes. Even a new nanobio center was floated around. These efforts were shelved in order to create a dynamic bill with a strong framework and an ability to adjust to evolving research and market developments built on top of the strong foundation put in place by the Bush administration and the National Nanotechnology Initiative team."

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