Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Not too sloppy for my shirt

Gap StressFree Poplin Shirt With Nano-Tex (Wired Gadget Lab)

    nanoshirtYou could say I wear my food well. I've stained shirts with everything from chocolate to wine to pasta sauce -- if it's delicious, I'll somehow ruin an expensive outfit with it. Thankfully, nanotechnology is here to help klutzes like me stay splotch free. Nano-Tex's science-meets-style fabric treatment is designed to repel liquids and messy edibles. In the laboratory (a k a the WIRED kitchen), I slopped coffee and soy sauce on my dapper blue-and-white striped button-up (available in other colors and styles). I let the splashes set for 10 minutes, then used a moist rag to easily whisk away the muck. More here
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