Friday, December 12, 2003

News in a NanoSecond

gray goo goo
Nano-Tex propaganda video shows how the company
is allegedly fighting the "Gray Goo-Goo" menace.

gray goo
I was interviewed about this by a New York Times fact-checker last month. She asked me how Gray Goo could be illustrated for this Sunday magazine piece (free registration, etc). I talked to her for about  a half-hour or so, carefully laying out the fictional nature of gray goo. But, if it did exist, here's how it could goo up the world. After all that, this is the illustration they came up with. I thought I painted a much-better doomsday scenario than that!

A funny thing happened on my way to the NanoBusiness Alliance Web site.
But I can't help but feel that I've heard that joke before.
More conspiracies, I tell you!


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