Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Eine Kleine Nanomusik

homepodI've rarely strayed from nano on this blog, but I'll do it now because ... well, because I can. My brother bloggers at Slashdot are all abuzz over a cool new product built by my actual genetic brother. Gloolabs, whose CTO is this Dan Lovy character, produced a new Java powered home entertainment device that will simplify sharing computer music files among computers and stereos in connected homes. Gloolabs' Gloo is Java middleware that puts an iPod-like interface on music files it "discovers" around the network. Gloo is available now on one device that runs embedded Linux.

Gloolabs is currently taking orders for the $250 MacSense HomePod, the first Gloo-based device, which will ship in January 2004. A limited quantity of the $350 Developer Edition is available now.

The open-source nano people who read this blog might be interested in knowing that Gloolabs is currently bootstrapping a Gloo developer community. Maybe the NanoBot readers who are trying to build a desktop molecular assembler could add a Gloo feature to make it play some cool tunes while you plot world domination.

Oh, not mentioned on the Gloo site is the fact that another of my brothers, Elliot Lovy, is one of the tireless behind-the-scenes coders. Yes, I encourage shameless nepotism. Prove you're related to me and I'll promote your product. OK. Back to nano ...


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