Thursday, December 18, 2003

Agitation anticipation

Sorry again for the prolonged NanoBot silence. I'm on another deadline cycle, and I spent an unusual amount of time writing my column for the January/February issue of Small Times Magazine. As you might have guessed, I'm writing about the nanotech bill. I'm feeling some extra self-imposed pressure on this column because of the unique nature of my particular readership, which is a mix of business leaders, government officials, scientists, futurists, molecular manufacturing proponents and journalists.

I've taken positions that might annoy some of Small Times' core business readership, so I need to take extra care (not that I don't ordinarily do that, anyway!). I have a feeling that every word will be scrutinized and criticized.

I'm a big boy, and I can take it. But I've gathered a great deal of insight from the major figures on all sides of the debate over nanotechnology's future, and feel an extra sense of responsibility to make sure I characterize their positions properly, even if I ultimately disagree with them. What I don't want to become is simply another loud voice. It's tough to do that in 850 words, so some of what was left on the cutting room floor will end up on this blog.

Small Times doesn't like me to give my magazine stuff away for free until after the print edition comes out, so you'll need to wait until mid-January to read it. Basically, though, I simply ask a few questions. Isn't our nanotech future too important for only one model to be deemed legitimate, and the others marginalized? And who's driving?


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