Saturday, December 06, 2003

'Cold cerebral calculations'

Wonderful piece of journalism by Satya Sagar in a piece called Science without Scruples:

    Scientists going about their cold cerebral calculations in the dark, doing things that affect the lives of millions of people they don’t know and don’t want to know about. Scientists, quite like the deadly microbes they mess around with, shunning the dreaded ‘spotlight’ but feverishly working on the concept and design of an entire arsenal of diabolical products.

    If you don’t believe all this go read about some of the scary stuff these fellows are right now in the middle of making. Products that range from ethno-bombs that targets victims racially to the so called `army ants ‘- small, almost invisible nanotech robots that can be sent to assassinate political opponents, dissidents and of course the usual ‘terrorists’.

Sounds like you scientists really are "Dr. Evil" and KAOS all rolled into one. Shame on you.


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