Tuesday, November 04, 2003

'Smack on the head'

Hey Howard,

Most excellent piece today! You hit it right smack on the head with "a perfect example of how the misrepresentations, distortions and half-truths that I've outlined previously on this blog are all coalescing into anti-nano dogma."

Do these folks honestly not realize how badly they damage their reputation and credibility with their outlandish and distorted statements? I mean c'mon already!!

They miss the point time and time again, which is that folks like Drs. Drexler and Merkle have actively (and with foresight) been talking about and discussing the means by which we can minimize the potential downsides of MNT.

I can only hope that the sheep-ple get past the hysteria and hyperbole and take the time to dig for the truth. Maybe its time to start a real "Nanoconspiracy Central" just to refute the many (and growing) half-truths, distortions, and outright balderdash.

Yours in continued amazement,

Rocky Rawstern
Editor Nanotechnology Now
Senior Associate Foresight Institute


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