Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Rocky's on a Roll

Another note from Rocky Rawstern, editor of Nanotechnology Now, who sent me a link to this Infoworld article: ETC's Pat Mooney is quoted, comparing nanotech to genetically modified (GM) foods:

    "We have one to two years to avoid ending up in the GM situation," Mooney said. "People are very hesitant after GM, and we need to signal that this will be different. So far we've gone down almost exactly the same road, with name calling, scaremongering and paranoia," he said. (my bold)
Rocky writes: "If indeed Mooney said it, then he's the pot calling the kettle black. ETC has been the primary source of the "scaremongering and paranoia." Not even Greenpeace has gone to the lengths that ETC has in terms of purposefully frightening the willing-to-believe-everything-they-read public."

Yo, Rocky. I'm in your corner. I've heard from other sources, too, that Mooney doesn't really believe his own balderdash, but I hadn't expected to hear it so blatently from his own mouth. It doesn't matter, though. He's done his job. Every nanotechnology story in the mainstream media has its required passage about "skeptics warn ..." with the citation of ETC's "research," which, as I've shown on this site, is nonexistent.


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