Friday, July 21, 2006

Nanotech's 'difficult foe'

This mad scientist is a physics graduate student at McGill University. Her research goal is to "better understand interactions between molecules and insulators to assist in the design and implementation of a molecular electronics device."

Looks to me like she is also learning something just as important -- the interaction between her real work and the way the public perceives it. She writes:

Moreover, with all of the increasing press "Nano" is getting, especially on the negative side, it will be crucial to the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience (I'm considering the -science as less applied work not likely to directly lead to commercialization) to provide information on the heath and safety of products coming to market. Otherwise, public paranoia is likely to develop which could shut down perfectly safe and viable technologies before they ever get a chance to mature. Misinformation, or worse, lack of information is a difficult foe to fight. More here

Perceptive nano
Perception is de facto nano fact

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