Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How low can nano go?

Labeling Magic Nano "nanotechnology" is akin to building a tower with a deck of cards and calling it Fort Knox, or taking the scribblings of a blogger and calling it Shakespeare.

Glenn Reynolds basically says it here (much of it based on my reporting over the past few years): If you cheapen the name of nanotech by dancing with Mr. Haney and his Wonder Elixirs, you're going to have to face the consequences of lowering your standards simply to create an imaginary, existing "nanotechnology industry."

Is it too late to raise our standards? Orville and Wilbur never once mistook Kitty Hawk for Mars.

Groups call for moratorium on nano-named products


Anonymous said...

What a bizarre point of view.

Are you saying that the use of Nanotech in cleaning products cheapens some grand dream of nanotechnology and any backlash will derail the grand plan to download your ego to silicon for posterity?

Sounds like you have been spending too much time with the mad mullahs of Nanotech, boy.

Howard Lovy said...

I think you must have me confused with Ray Kurzweil. Just compare our bank statements, and that should clear things up. No, my ego is far too enormous to fit on silicon. I've used a more-efficient method of ego file transfer involving deoxyribonucleic acid. I have four units, and two of them (Max and Sam) kept me up most of last night with teething pains and a tummy ache.

No, life is analog and not digital.

My comments are not really based on "point of view." Simple observation. I have seen the beginnings of what one day will become the nanotech that will change the world, cure cancer, feed the world, etc., and it has little to do with the toilet cleaners on the market today. And some of the brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs working on these technologies would likely agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I just discover your blog about nanotechonology and I must admit that it is very interesting. My comment is not meant to be fantastically smart (I wish...but being a French woman my English isn't excellent and need to be improved), it is just a humble feedback to say that I really enjoyed my time on your blog. Science and technology aren't usually the kind of topics that I enjoy browsing on the internet but I must admit that your blog is created in such a way (plenty of links, nice pics, wittily written) that it was very easy to inform myself and still manage to crack a few smiles in doing so.
I will definitely come back from times to times! Kind regards.

P.S: I wonder what the Spinach Pie taste like...must be as awesome as the Quiche Lorraine I guess!

Howard Lovy said...

Hi, thanks for the words of encouragement. I should have known that I was big in France. Jerry Lewis and me! I love it.

Now, don't tell me you have no Greek or Middle Eastern cuisine in France. If you ever, for some reason, find yourself stuck in Detroit, you should visit Greektown. I recommend the New Hellas Cafe for the best spinach pie and saganaki (flaming cheese ... opah!). Also, I came across this recipe for friand au saumon. Looks like a good melding of French food and spinach pie.

Nanotech commentary and recipes. Why would you go to any other site than NanoBot?

Anonymous said...

Hi Howard,

I don't think that you are very big in France my poor dear (sorry to bruise your ego) as the fact that I'm living in U.K and understand English (or so...most of the time anyway) were probably the only reasons for me to visit your blog :) I know it hurts...but hey, maybe you're very big in my country without me knowing about it..who knows!
About the friand au saumon, the real french recipe mixes oseille with salmon and not spinach (I think the word is sorrel in english) but I'm sure that it must taste just as well. I have never been to the U.S yet, but if I do I would make sure to get stuck in Detroit and visit Greektown.

P.S: Of course that we do have Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine in France! But I didn't taste all of their recipes. I should most of them as so nice that is a sin to eat them.

Anonymous said...

I first learned the term 'nano-pants' from Howard Lovy. Now I've managed to work it into a natural conversation, which Nanobot readers can enjoy here. You can slog throught the tales of vomit on a merry-go-round, snow removal, and creative uses for a sign that says Suzuki, or else just search for 'nano-pants' on that page. Cheers, Dave.