Monday, August 02, 2004

This nebulous 'nano'

With public interest -- and special interest -- in nanotechnology renewed thanks to the Royal Society's report released last week, I've decided that it would better serve readers to collect as many points of view as possible and give them an airing on this blog rather than fill it with only my opinions. I urge everybody to feel free to use this site to post your own thoughts and comments. Let's keep the worldwide discussion going.

Those who have followed this site for the past year already know my feelings on how this phenomenon of fact, fear and fiction have coalesced to become "nanotechnology" in the public mind. This nebulous "nano" is not any one thing, yet it still begs to be defined. Those who have ignored the feelings of the masses, or the importance of public perception wholly divorced from the realities of science, should raise their eyes from their cloistered world and join the discussion with the people who really matter: concerned citizens outside the worlds of the board room and laboratory who now, more than ever, need nanotechnology explained in an accessible way.

Those who understand the business, political, scientific and cultural realities of nanotechnology, yet fail to make an attempt at true communication, are at best neglecting their duties and at worst silently standing by while a new era of irresponsible policy and regulation is ushered in worldwide. Stay tuned, though. I'm planning to do my part.

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