Friday, May 26, 2006

TINY, Yahoo and Yaweh

Is nanotechnology a good investment? In reality the answer is nuanced (depends on your ability to handle risk, your definition of a nanotechnology company, whether you're in it for the long haul or for a short time, etc), and significant money has changed hands over the past few years to determine the various answers to that one question.

yahooBut at Yahoo! Answers, the question has been asked and resolved: Yes, nano is a good investment, if you put your money in Harris & Harris Group Inc. (Nasdaq: TINY), pictured above ringing the close of Tuesday's trading day. And the question is closed to new answers, so I guess that settles that.

Then our modern-day oracle gets all mystical on us, and predicts that payoff will come only to investors under 40. This wisdom directly contradicts the ancient Jewish mystics who said Kabbalah should be studied only by those over 40 years old.

There is, of course, a similarity between mysticism and investment analysis, which is why I was quite surprised to see that Yahoo! already had the answers. I personally believe that the search for unbiased nanotechnology investment advice is just as intellectually and spiritually convoluted as playing 18 holes with the Kabbalah's 10 enumerations (Sephirot) of God while avoiding the sandtrap of Zeno's Paradox.

Or, maybe I am misinterpreting the wisdom of Yaweh ... I mean, Yahoo. Perhaps the advice is to hold now and sell at $40?

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