Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mr. Nano, come here. I want you!

Nano World: New cell phones from nanotech (By Charles Q. Choi, UPI)

    Nanotechnology soon could enhance cell phones with carbon-nanotube vacuum tubes, microscopic microphones, liquid lenses, compasses linked with global positioning system satellites and even electronic noses.

    "Nanotechnology is all about small, light and cheap, and you're not in the cell phone business if you're not thinking small, light and cheap -- the two are made for each other," said David Bishop, vice president of research at Lucent's Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.J.

    As proof of principle, Bishop said Bell Labs researchers are developing nano-scale phones for the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency consisting of radio transmitters about the diameter of a human hair. The transmitters could be used to look at processes within living cells and measure chemical potentials, electric fields and pressures.

    "It's also an opportunity to shrink existing technology to its practical limits," Bishop told UPI's Nano World. More here

Hello Nano Moto!
WMD -- Writing of Media Distortion

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