Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Too hip for my socks

True hipsters include gizmos of 2010 on their wish lists (By Kevin Maney, USA Today)

    The Mach-X ND Razor and Never-Smell Sox. Nanotechnology can give materials astounding new properties. Only a few items — such as Nano-Tex pants that feel like cotton but don't wrinkle — are on the market today. That will change by 2010, says (Stephen) Waite, author of Quantum Investing and adviser to nanotech company NanoDynamics.

    One likely product: a razor, coated with diamondlike nano-materials, that will never get dull or corrode. One blade for the whole of a man's shaving life — a great bar mitzvah gift! Of course, it would probably cost thousands of dollars.

    Another nano-product: socks that feel like cotton but are infused with anti-microbial silver particles. Leave a dirty pair in your locker for six months, and instead of smelling like Exit 13 of the New Jersey Turnpike, they won't smell at all. More here

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