Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Oregon Trail and the Holy Grail

From, an update on Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski's quest for one of 10 Holy Grails -- a vessel in which to store federal nano funds. When last we left our nano-knight-errant, the adventurer reversed the Columbia River course followed by Lewis & Clark, Woody Guthrie and others to seek the favor of rulers in the Eastern lands. The Bulletin's Andrew Satter reports:

    "We wanted to get to look at somebody who is involved in the decision-making process so that when we call them they know who we are and what we are calling about," the governor said. "We're trying to get in the door to let everyone know that Oregon is first in line."


    Kulongoski said that boosting Oregon's technology industry, with an emphasis in nanotechnology, is at the forefront of his long-term plan for bringing the state economic stability and job growth.

    "If you get the seed capital in for this nanotechnology and get designated, my belief is that these broader investments will continue to flow into the state, and Oregon will develop in the western part of the United States as one of the leading centers for nanotechnology," he said.

More background here.


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