Monday, February 09, 2004

News in a NanoSecond

  • The Everlasting Phelps has an open letter to members of the NanoBusiness Alliance.
  • Something's lost in translation here, but I think we get the idea.
  • The Peking Duck is worried that Kim Jong-Il might learn to cook.
  • Floyd says: "If you don't have an opinion on nanotechnology, get one."
  • Aussies and Brits have launched a new nano portal,, but I'm confused as to which accent should be used for pronunciation.


Perspectives of Fullerene Nanotechnology Perspectives of Fullerene Nanotechnology

The first ever book on the applications of fullerenes and nanotubes. World's experts on the industrial use of these new forms of carbon contributes chapters, that are based on lectures given in a large workshop held on February 2001, and expanded thereafter. The contents are intended for those who are interested in the exploration of industrial applications of fullerenes and carbon nanotubes.

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