Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Tomorrowland Never Knows?

Denizens of the Disneyland newsgroup have their ears in a bunch over my "It's a Nano World After All" post. I mentioned that I went to Epcot in 1982, the year it opened, and my geeky teenage brain was entertained. I wondered what the next generation would say about the nanotech exhibit that just opened at Epcot.

A reader answered:

    What we've been saying about nanotech for the past ... oh ... 15 years. Nanotechnology will always be 10 years in the future.
Another reader disagreed:
    Nope. When "Engines of Creation" was published in the '80s, the prediction was mid 21st century. Now, they are saying that if Moore's law continues it's path, it will be here by 2020, perhaps as early as 2010.
You gotta love that ol' mouse. Seventy-five years after Steamboat Willie, he's still steering our kids into uncharted waters.

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