Friday, January 16, 2009

My 'respectable' blog launches at Small Times

Small Times launched my new blog today. Here's where I behave myself a little more and stick to the subject of nanotech, MEMS and microsystems.

Crazy rants will, of course, remain here on NanoBot.

The RSS feed for Small Tech Talk is here. Sample below:

U.S., at last, begins assault on batteries

Today, the race is still for second place, behind Asia. And, as I covered the North American International Auto Show again this year, it looks like nanotechnology has come in second, too. GM chose Compact Power, a subsidiary of the Asian LG Chem, to provide the lithium-ion batteries for the Volt.

A close second was A123 Systems, whose nanophosphate formula is an important ingredient in its li-ion batteries. The reason, according to GM, was the the formula seemed too experimental, the company too inexperienced and, most importantly, the battery manufacturing infrastructure just does not yet exist in the United States. More here

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U.S. battery makers finally find the 'on' switch

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Heidi said...

Congratulations, Howard! You rock.