Sunday, February 15, 2009

IBM: Nanotechnology Internship of the Day

Today's posting is from IBM in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., where an intern will be working with the likely successor to silicon: carbon nanotubes. And if IBM says so, then it probably will be so. Here's the listing:

Our Nanoscience & Nanotechnology group is deeply involved in the design, fabrication, and study of novel carbon-based, i.e. graphene and nanotube, electronic and optoelectronic devices. These are envisioned as successors to the current, primarily silicon-based technology.

One of the key limitations of the high density silicon IC's is excessive power dissipation. This issue has not been fully addressed in the fundamentally new carbon-based devices. Our group has initiated an extensive experimental and theoretical study of the power dissipation pathways, of thermal effects on the operation in these systems and ways of directing dissipation.

We are interested in hiring an Intern with an understanding of fundamental transport mechanisms in nanosystems and numerical computation abilities. The hired candidate will couple with on-going theoretical research in modeling experimental results in this area. More here

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Anonymous said...

How: Would be interested in you to blog about the role of nanotechnology in the Smarter Planet context: how nano-sensor and other breakthroughs will enable all kinds of infrastructure -- from smartgrids to healthcare-- to become more intelligentt

Howard Lovy said...

Sure, now that the president wants a "smart grid," there are efforts to figure out what exactly that means. I know you folks at IBM are at the center of it all. I'm working on smart grid stories in other contexts, too. Point me in a direction, Jack.