Monday, January 22, 2007

Google Earth gives 'space elevator' a lift

Stretching the meaning of Google Earth, a community of believers has marked the spot where, so sayeth the faithful, nanotubes will rise.

Space Elevator: The Music Video
Got the world on a string
Buy-in-the-sky scheme


Brian Dunbar said...

Glad to see you're still blogging, Howard.
How has life been treating you?

Howard Lovy said...

Oh, you know, living precariously close to the edge, wondering whether the middle class was purely a 20th century phenomenon, learning the truth here in the Rust Belt of that sage saying of Chief Crazy Horse: Iron Oxide never sleeps. You know, living the American Dream, my friend. Are you having any better luck trying to throw a line off this pale blue dot?

Brian Dunbar said...

Are you having any better luck trying to throw a line off this pale blue dot?

We're still around so that's got to count for something. Incremental steps will get us there but man it's slow. Be nice to fast-forward and see how it all turns out (smile).

Anonymous said...

howard, just wanted to give you a ray of hope - we actually created our first nanotubes in our own furnace a few months ago. its not big news, because there are about 1000 labs that can do the same thing. the difference of course, is that these are OURS! :-) so just hang in there, i think we have some interesting things to talk about, very very soon.

if you get a moment, give me a ring on my cell. or email me, if you dont have the number anymore. take care. mjl