Thursday, January 25, 2007

Smalls to The Wall


That's me, NanoBot Smalls, my avatar in Second Life. And as it is in my "first life," my Second Life self kept walking into walls. So, I decided to park myself in front of a virtual wall that contains more meaning -- a replica of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. And there I sit, deep in virtual contemplation.

And, while you ponder that, ponder this, my report on Second Life for Michigan Business Review.

Among my sources are Clay Shirky, an author who has followed every virtual fad since 1993. Clay gave me some wonderfully cranky criticism.

And as a counter to Clay, I also talked to Jack Mason. Longtime NanoBot watchers might remember Jack as one of my best correspondents for Small Times. Well, our boy Jack is all grow'd up now and working for IBM. I was pleasantly surprised when our worlds collided and I had an excuse to call him. Jack is in charge of IBM's Virtual Connection Center on Second Life.

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