Friday, January 26, 2007

Cambridge fooled by nano hype

Nanotechnology 'has turned into a big business so quickly that few are monitoring nanotechnology's effects on health and the environment," says a resolution in Cambridge, Mass., instructing the city manager to look into regulating nanotech.

Sounds to me, again, like "nanobusiness" is the victim of its own hype. Nanotech is not big business. There's a great deal of promising science, a few high-risk investments, a whole lot of nanoscale snake oil masquerading as nanotech. But, as of yet, no big business.

Nanotech investment hypsters, however, have successfully created the illusion that it's big business in order to attract more investment. The only thing it's really attracted, though, is threatened regulation.

When nanotech 'industry' believes its own PR ...
Nanotech's real danger is the nano con

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