Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nanodiagnostics, where are you?

It has been a hazy 48 hours. My 1-year-old had a fever-induced seizure and I spent a wonderful night with him in the ER and pediatric ward. They're common, yet incredibly frightening if it happens to your kid. He's fine now. The only damage is to daddy's sleep cycle (don't even want to think about the bill right now). The experience did remind me what nano is all about when it comes to diagnostics, though. Can't we get those damn test results in sooner?


nanoshifters said...

Glad your son is feeling better. :-)

Bookmarking your blog!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you didn't get the kid vaccinated. Vaccinations can cause this problem. The same benefits of vaccinations can be achieved with homeopathic remedies, but without the possibility of damaging young tissues.

Howard Lovy said...

I appreciate your concern for my child, but I strongly urge you to rethink your position on vaccinations. Tell me what the homeopathic remedies are for polio, for example? Or other pre-vaccination diseases that resulted in average shortened lifespans just a few generations ago. No, I would like my children to live in an age where being a centenarian is really no big deal. I come from a family of doctors (I'm the black sheep who decided to write about doctors, instead), so perhaps I'm overly influenced by medicine, but this is just common sense. Don't believe the anti-vaccination mythology spreading among some parents. It's dangerous to your kids, and to others who are exposed to non-vaccinated children. Anyway, I've written about this before. See the articles below:

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MMR/autism link loosens
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Anonymous said...

I'm late getting back on this issue, but the homeopathic remedy for polio is the homeopathically diluted polio virus itself, which is quite similar in concept to a polio vaccination. However, vaccinations pose a small hazard when 'hot' batches accidentally cause polio, whereas giving the polio virus in homeopathic dilution NEVER causes polio, and is just as effective in exciting the desired preventative immune response.

Similarly for other childhood illnesses. They could all be prevented by giving homeopathically diluted pathogens with no danger of causing harm to susceptible youngsters.