Friday, August 25, 2006

NanoBot held hostage until Howard gets a job

Nanotechnology news hounds, please stand by. This is one of the few times in NanoBot's three-year history that I've had to hijack this blog in the name of the first two words of the title: Howard Lovy. That's me. And I will continue to hold this indispensable nanofont of nanoinformation hostage until I have a full-time job with benefits (four weeks of vacation and use of a company jet would be nice, too, but I'll start ... um ... small).

So, I'll start off this infomercial for me with some testimonials that colleagues have posted on the business networking site LinkedIn. At no time were any of these people bribed, blackmailed, medicated or otherwise coerced.

  • "Howard does unique and insightful research and has helped me keep fresh on topics in ways I wouldn't have thought." -- Scott Livingston, Managing Director - The Livingston Group, Axiom Capital Management
  • "Howard is an excellent editor. He consistently made my stories better by asking the right questions, and suggesting smart changes to my pieces. I would recommend him as an editor for any publication." -- Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of MAKE, O'Reilly Media
  • "I am a regular reader of Howard's blog, which is one of the more well read and respected blogs in the nanotechnology space. His forthright commentary on various matters related to nanotech is always refreshing to read in an increasingly hype-filled and paranoid world. His knowledge of the field is top notch." -- Deepak Singh, Director, NanoBiology Initiative, Accelrys
  • "Howard did an excellent job directing news coverage of nanotechnology at Small Times. He was clear on what made a good story for Small Times, insisted on smart analysis that went beyond the news, as well as clear definitions of the science involved. Howard also made sure his writers saw proofs of stories, a rarity in the online news world." -- Michael Fitzgerald, writer, editor
  • HandS"Dadda is a nice, big fat man whose tummy is fun to bounce on." -- Sam Lovy
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