Sunday, December 21, 2008

NanoBot Defined

Apparently, "nanobot" is a corporate-speak term that has nothing to do with nanotechnology. According to the Wall Street Journal, "A nanobot is someone who operates autonomously from a company, probably telecommuting or on the road. They may have no ‘cultural’ or community tie to the company because they have so little interaction with it."

Yeah, that pretty much describes what I do, too.


Anonymous said...

As a co-author of the article in WSJ, let me assure you that we knew of the real meaning of the term. We "borrowed" it by creating an acronym. Although the phenomenon we describe is real enough, we don't expect the "nanobot" label to be taken too seriously


Brian Harmer

Howard Lovy said...

That's OK, Brian. There are many who do not take the "real meaning of the term" seriously, either.