Friday, October 24, 2008

Biden our time for cleantech

Longtime nanotech venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson poses with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Jurvetson writes:

When I mentioned that we are one of the most active energy and cleantech VC investors, Joe Biden quickly replied: "Well, then you are going to love what we are going to do." More here

As we know, nanotech is the primary technology that makes cleantech possible, so anybody who is interested in how nanotech develops should pay close attention to what the new administration is "going to do" if the Democrats win.

The U.S. government's push for nanotech funding began with Clinton and continued under Bush, so this should remain nonpartisan. And, of course, thank goodness for folks like Jurvetson, who uses his wealth to push mankind forward -- regardless of who's in power.

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