Tuesday, May 13, 2008

... and I am a trivial boy

Andrew Maynard, chief science adviser for the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies in Washington, honored me with a footnote in his blog post on Elle's recent coverage of nanotech in cosmetics (You can download the entire Elle feature here).

Well, not exactly a footnote. Actually, it's under the subhed "trivia." Maynard writes:

In 2004, nanotech commentator and fellow blogger Howard Lovy drew a link between Madonna and nanotechnology in the Salon article Nanotech angels.

I thank Andrew for the mention, despite our difference of opinion on other issues -- mainly his organization's overuse of the "nano" label on questionably nano products.

Maynard recognized our differences in an e-mail to me recently.

"I suspect you will find the context of allegedly nano consumer products a little tedious, but I thought the Elle nanotech story that I kick off with was interesting - as was your 2004 piece, which I stumbled across while researching the entry," Maynard wrote.

Thank you, Andrew. But, you know, I am certainly not like a virgin in the subject of nanocosmetics. I've been writing and assigning stories on it for years, including recruitment of the very first nanocosmetics guinea pig back in 2004.

And I've been looking at the issue since 2003.

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Andrew Maynard said...

Ah Howard, you're clearly the original "material" boy - I'll refrain from adding the prefix "nano" on this occasion!

And thanks for the link back to Jennifer's L'Oreal article - good to be reminded of this great piece.

(p.s. L'Oreal's Francis Quinn will be talking at the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies about the company's approach to nanotech on June 5th - safe the date!)

João Soares said...

Dear Howard
Great work and nice blog.
I edit an enviro blog BioTerra and I made a dossier of nanotechnolgy and their risks http://bioterra.blogspot.com/2008/01/dossier-nanopatologia.html
I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn and or exchange links


Anonymous said...

On another subject (breaking news) it looks like we might have had a point about nanotechnology and toxicity after all, eh? You have seen the reports about carbon nanotubes acting like asbestos fibers, we take it?

Topless Human Organized For Natural Genetics