Thursday, March 20, 2008

Standing Up For Nanotech

Yet another reason why I sometimes wish I lived on the West Coast. I think I would enjoy this event a great deal. I really, really would.

Odd Comedy - Stem Cell Research / Nanotech Stand-up (Berkeley)

Controversial comedy on the subject of life-extension and physical immortality. Followed by open audience discussion. Hear the particular viewpoints of comedian Ira Brightman presented as stand-up comedy on the above topics then have a chance to present your viewpoints (or just listen to those of the other audience members).

Areas to be covered include: extreme life-extension as possible, perhaps inevitable — and desirable or undesirable, technological vs. natural, the morality of using modalities such as embryonic stem cells to save lives, creating new body parts, nanotechnology, the latest advances in biotechnology." More here

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