Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just sitting here watching the wheels

I turned 42 today and, in the words of some folk song I've heard somewhere between Oct. 7, 1965 and now, "all my life's a circle ..."

Proof: A little more than three years between here and here.

All the other Small Times founding editors are gone now, after having left it a shell of its former self. Now, it is just another freelance gig for me, but one that I view as a lost child come home.

Who is the lost child? Me? Or the publication I had poured my life into from 2001-2004? Not certain.

Take it, Harry:

All my life's a circle
Still I wonder why
Seasons spinning 'round again
Years keep rolling by

Happy birthday to me ...

NanoKabbalah in Salon on my birthday: Coincidence?

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