Thursday, June 28, 2007

Critique my resume, please

I've used pretty much the same format and wording on my resume for about 20 years. In fact, it's been transferred and "saved-as" over and over again since I typed it on my first Mac around 1988. So, time to change it a bit. The last three or four years have been confusing, since I've worked so many contract-only and freelance jobs. So, I thought I'd top it with my most-recent freelance work in journalism and corporate communications and go from there.

You can download the word file here or look at the Google Docs document here (spacing and indents got a little weird in the translation, so ignore those). I took out my phone numbers for these versions. Only potential employers get those. If you are one, by all means please contact me.

Questions: Is it OK to mention projects that have not yet appeared in print? Also, for space (somebody told me somewhere, sometime that a resume needs to be one page only), I cut out the first eight years of my post-college career -- the smaller newspapers I worked for. Should I put those back in? Anybody see any typos? Thanks, folks! -- HL

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