Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guaranteeeeed, Jen - U - Wiiiiine Nano!

Looks like we have another nominee for the NanoBot Mr. Haney Award

The Nanotech Biofuel Super Stock Scam (Tradeking, May 23, 2007)

Sometimes, penny stock scam artists are so convincing and so believable that even intelligent people who should know better get duped. This is especially true when companies leverage the buzzwords of the day in an effort to exploit the greed of investors. As Bill Alpert of Barron's pointed out in a recent "Technology Week" column, the New York Times was apparently duped into carrying ads by a highly questionable company promising untold riches to investors who bought into a future vision of nanotech innovation and alternative energy nirvana. Unfortunately, Nano Chemical Systems Holdings (ticker: NCSH) turned out to be a company on the wrong side of the law, as Bill Alpert explains: More here

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