Friday, April 20, 2007

Uplifting nanotech news

Sorry for the break. Full nano blogging will return soon. Meanwhile, rest assured, I am staying abreast of all current nano news, including this swell piece:

Silver wouldn't reveal too much about her idea, for which she's pursuing a design patent. But she did say that her concept uses encapsulation, meaning the bra would incorporate a separate container for each breast.

She plans to use nontraditional hardware and fabrics (including nanotechnology-enhanced materials) to make the bras stronger and more comfortable. One part she needs is no longer in production. She's been working with New England Castings in Hiram to develop a production model.

The bra will be tested at USM's ASET center, which is set up to put various products through repeated tests. She's developed an "all-around" bra as a baseline for all sports. More here

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