Wednesday, February 28, 2007

mPhase takes its power to the people

During my short, less-than-meritorious career as a nanotech pitchman over the course of the last couple of years, here's one recurring theme I tried to get across to employers and clients: Public relations is no longer only a matter of begging major publications to write about your company. RSS and cheap distribution of videos like the one above are the great equalizers.

Companies can produce messages themselves, bypass traditional media and take their message directly to their audience. That is exactly what mPhase has done here with a video about its nanobattery, and in this one released a week later on its magnetometer.

I had no takers on my proposals, along with other strategies that made use of "bottom-up" citizen-enabled media -- largely because most of the companies I worked with, in the end, were just not ready to take the next step. mPhase took a chance and, with 13,312 views so far, and the discussion continuing on YouTube and other sites, this no-brainer concept is more than proven. You just can't get better PR for the price. I'm glad at least one nanotech company finally "gets it."

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Anonymous said...

I have been following mPhase for sometime on my nanobatteries page...Their technology definitely has potential. But I'd be interested to know when they actually start seeing money from it. Anyone who has followed the stock knows that this future technology is still just that. I wonder what they plan to do with their dsl business if the magnetometer/nanobattery tech gains more traction.