Friday, July 15, 2005

Little NanoBot in the big world

I'm going to use this top space now to emphasize the first two words in this blog's title. Here's a partial list of positions I've applied for so far. I'll update it from time to time. I figure I have a few thousand references out there in my regular blog readers, so if you happen to be affiliated with any of the organizations listed below, please bother the hell out of your recruitment office until they agree to take a look at my resume. Your incentive? My eternal gratitude (I never forget my friends), I can get back to writing my NanoBot book and a possible return of this NanoBot blog -- that is, if my new employers are OK with my blogging on the side.

  • Associated Press: Online Business Editor (Editor responded, and we're making a phone date)
  • Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition: Teacher Guide Editor (Taking a test, of course, before an interview)
  • Traverse City (Mich.) Record-Eagle: Copy Editor (Going to beautiful Northern Michigan for an interview next week. I suppose when it's "game over" after 20 years of career progression, you just have to start back at Level 1.)
  • MIT: Senior Writer (No Response)
  • Caltech: Senior Science Writer (the ad for this job stresses "sense of humor" and weekend availability in case of an earthquake, no response)
  • CNET Networks: Senior Editor, (no response)
  • Small Business Editor (ignored)
  • The New York Times: Copy Editor (sound of crickets chirping and tumbleweeds tumbling)
  • Microsoft: Technology Blogger (No kidding! No response!)
  • The Associated Press: Night Supervisor, Detroit, and "business newsroom" position with the AP's Young Readers premium service (sound of silence)
  • The Ann Arbor News: Education Reporter (nada)
  • Dow Jones: Auto Industry Reporter (nil)